Anonymous asked:
How long have you and christo been dating??

2.5 years on the 12th

Anonymous asked:
Has art been a natural talent or did you have to practice/learn really hard at first? :)

I mean I always had an interest in drawing and different mediums as long as I could remember. My parents got me a kids easel for like my 4th birthday, so I must have showed interest haha. I was always in art classes throughout school and there was something there, but it took until college to be on a level that I actually like. I think honing the skills you have and improving or manipulating them is the hardest part and it. So for me it took a really amazing professor and a life drawing class with nude models to really be closer to where I want to be artistically. It can be extremely frustrating and really hard- basically I’ve made my first strong piece of art this year and it took me until I was 20 to do so.

Thanks for asking, I enjoyed this question

Anonymous asked:
How/where did u and Christo meet?

We went to the same high school and met later after I graduated through mutual friends